List of cool projects, presentations and talks.


  • Large-scale Robust Video Action Recognition
    Columbia University, New York
    • Extracted dense trajectory features (HOG, HOF, MBH) for human action recognition in videos captured in realistic unconstrained environments.
    • Proposed spatio-temporal covariance descriptors on the computed dense trajectories to fuse correlated features and create a low-dimensional feature representation.

  • Predicting Visual Aesthetics in Face Photos
    Columbia University, New York
    • Utilized photographic compositional features and rules to develop an algorithmic approach to quantify aesthetic quality of photos containing faces.
    • Built SVM classifiers to score face photos similar to human aesthetics judgement predictions.

  • Linking Internet and Broadcast TV News
    Columbia University, New York
    • Explored automatic speech transcription and other natural language processing (NLP) techniques for robust internet and broadcast TV news video linking.
    • Evaluated the approach on NewsRover live database of Youtube and broadcast videos and proposed further improvements.

  • MapMyNews: Aggregated World News Visualization
    Columbia University, New York
    • Built a web application that combined interactive maps with rich content to develop intuitive yet appealing news geo-visualizations.
    • Supported browsing large database of news stories aggregated from multiple websites and presented as story maps.

  • Scene Text Detection in Natural Images
    Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru
    • Developed algorithms to segment foreground text from word images in the ICDAR 2003 Robust Reading Competition Word Dataset.
    • Proposed algorithms for localizing text regions in natural scene images from the ICDAR 2003 Dataset.